Artic Club
Governance & Treasury

What is the Artic Club?

The Artic Club is the name given to all the communities members of Artic Kusama. The goal of the Artic Club is to become one of the first hub of Dotsama communities and is made up of all the holders of each NFT collections managed by a community of Artic Kusama. 



The Council is the entity responsible for the management of the Artic Club Treasury.



The Treasury is a tool with which to finance the initiatives of the club and accumulate wealth for all its members.


Artists & Creators

The club supports the work of its members on their personal projects by encouraging collaboration and content creation.



The initiatives are proposed by the holders of the communities with the support of the treasury.

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Artic Club Council

The council performs treasury management tasks plus the proposal and supervision of voting among members. It is also the entity responsible for managing the club’s initiatives together with the other members involved in each activity.

Artic Club Treasury

The Artic Club Treasury is financed with a 10%-30% of the first sales of all the collections created by the Artic Kusama team. A 5%-15% of the first sales of collections created in collaboration between Artic Club artists is also added.

The club’s treasury is used to fund initiatives voted by the community of Artic Kusama NFT collection holders, get lands in the RMRK metaverse: Skybreach, and build a NFT gallery with works from artists of the Dotsama ecosystem.

In addition to the Artic Club treasury, each Artic Kusama community usually has its own independent treasury with which it also holds events among its members.

Tech we use to manage our resources
Thanks to the interoperability of Polkadot & Kusama all parachains and Dapps can communicate with each other

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Artic Club Artists & Creators

Artists and content creators are important agents for the DOTSAMA ecosystem and from the Artic Club we want to promote content creation work and encourage collaboration between members.

LV - @KusamaNFT

Plan Artic [POX #001]

LV is a content creator on youtube, WagMedia supporter and director of Artic Kusama and its collections.


Alex [POX #018]

Seppy is a content creator with a lot of valuable content on his Subsocial space.

Moon Bearer

Sappe [POX #021]

Moon Bearer is the artist behind the two most popular collections in Singular: Chaos Apes & Buff Chimpz.

Villian Artist

Tanxu [POX #070]

Villian Artist is the artist behind: #0xPenguins, #MEGAPOXs.


Princeps [POX #098]

Princeps is the co-founder of Kusama Dragons, one of the most famous RMRK communities.


Bruno [POX #100]

Ikhaled is a content creator and active director at WagMedia.


Abbath [POX #154]

Discloser is a content creator who write regular articles for his Subsocial space about DOTSAMA ecosystem.


Drake [POX #161]

Giantse is the artist behind the Kusama Acid collection, one of the 3D collections more famous built over RMRK.


Trevor [POX #168]

Aemonk is a content creator with an awesome subsocial space about RMRK Collections and Singular artists.


Patsi [POX #174]

Pat is a well-known member of the DOTSAMA community and the CSO of Elements of Kusama.

Sweets of RMRK

Giuseppe [POX #177]

Creator artist of the collection “Sweets of RMRK” and “420 Kusama 2.0”.


Lilly [POX #189]

Lilly is a 2D/3D Digital Artist and the Lead designer of Elements of Kusama.


Pengus [POX #196]

Economist (game theory), chao sama & rubble punkz advisor.


Penyumi [POX #206]

Yumi is a Pixel Artist creator of the collections: Kitty Paradise – Dreamscapes.


Jojo [POX #207]

Jojo is an urban artist and graphic designer with a lot of experience in advertising campaigns.

420 Kusama

Hammurabi [POX #208]

Founder of the first 420 club in all of Dotsama.

Sage. Rich

Tricky NFTs





Rehab Kusama

Rehab Kusama

Artic Club Initiatives

By having an organized community with resources, we can carry out various projects and initiatives created by and for the community.

Artic Kusama Collections

To join and participate in the Artic Kusama community, all you have to do is join the discord and follow our twitter account to stay up to date with the latest news. But if you want to get more involved in the development of the Artic Club and be part of its on-chain history, you can start by purchasing an NFT from one of our collections and join a community


0xPenguins is the collection of founders of the Artic Club. The simplest in art and the most important since they are essential NFTs when it comes to managing and benefiting from the Artic Club treasury. 220 unique 0xPenguins.


MEGAPOXs started out as a first gift for 0xPenguin holders, but it’s becoming a flagship collection for Artic Kusama as it’s the first collection with equippable items we’ve released on the RMRK 2.0 NFT protocol.


X-Bananas is a collection of 69 Multi-Resource NFTs created by Jojo thanks to RMRK 2.0 and minted through the Singular UI.