Zeitgeist prediction markets, SubQuery lands on Cosmos, Polkadex ambassadors program...

Compilation and summary with some of the most interesting news from the Polkadot ecosystem during the week 37 – 2022.

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Zeitgeist dApp is live and prediction markets are now available on Polkadot

The Zeitgeist application is now live. All dotsama users can start using the prediction markets.

Zeitgeist Links:

Subquery now supports projects deployed on the Cosmos blockchain

SubQuery now supports the Cosmos Ecosystem via the projects Juno Network, Fetch.ai and Stargaze Zone.


Ajuna partners with OnFinality

Ajuna partners with OnFinality. OnFinality will provide scalable API services to Ajuna and Bajun. This will allow users access Ajuna without setting up any infrastructure, enjoy OnFinality’s scalable API and easily spot issues on apps using API insights.

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Ajuna Network Links:

MEXC had added support for Darwinia Smart chain.

MEXC had added support for Darwinia Smart chain. Users can now deposit or withdraw $Ring on Darwinia Smart Chain. Before now support existed for ERC20 deposits and withdrawals.


Arthswap partners with Subwallet.

Users can now access the services of Arthswap DEX from Subwallet. SubWallet is a user-friendly Polkadot & Kusama wallet extension built on top of Polkadot.js.


Calamari tokens update

Calamari have a tokens update (you will need to follow the links to the GitHub for full details, or notes below might help) :


  1. The 10% reserved for crowdloan rewards of Kusama parachain renewal is no longer required as the team self-bid, so this can now be repurposed. 
  2. Originally there was no staking model available on Calamari, and this will be set to change with the introduction of delegated proof of stake at the next runtime upgrade. 9% of the token supply will now be utilized for rewards between collator and delegator.
  3. Collator competition could be fierce as there will be a limited 63 slots in the active set eligible for awards. Whilst token holders just need to pay attention if delegating.
  4. Overall the team will maintain a deflationary token for the first 3 years, with a 3% burn by the treasury for each year to negate the 9% staking rewards. Another deflationary measure includes burning of collected transaction fees.
Calamari Network Links:

Nodle has introduced some new feature for its app

Nodle has introduced some new features for its app. They have simplified how to set up; introduced the ability to send and receive NFTs (with minting ability coming soon); and provided QR functionality to make things convenient.

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Nodle Links:

InvArch Tinkernet partners with Basilisk Finance

InvArch Tinkernet is partnering with the Basilisk Finance to host the first LBP or Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool in #Dotsama! $KSM / $TNKR Token Pair Est. Late September/Early October!

Link to the article


Rob Habermeier's CoinDesk interview on Ethereum's merge

Check out Rob Habermeier’s CoinDesk interview on Ethereum’s outlook following today’s merge. “Eth Collaborator” not killer people! Interoperability & collaboration with other chains including Ethereum, Cosmos, Solana, and Avalanche. (NOTE: I don’t advise you take a shot every time he mentions stake)

Polkadot Links:

GitArch User panel

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