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The purpose of @thatMediaWag is to connect creative talent with project treasuries that want to reward valuable content about the development of Dotsama. WagMedia participating members can receive rewards in $CHRWNA, $KSM, $GLMR, $RMRK…

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Treasuries supporting WagMedia.

Several treasuries from well-known ecosystem projects are supporting WagMedia right now, for example: @PolkaHaus@SubsocialChain@Jam10o@AstarNetwork@CrustNetwork@RmrkApp@MoonbeamNetwork@Solarbeamio@ScytaleVentures

How to Join WagMedia?

  1. Access WagMedia discord
  2. Write to “The Concierge” and Verify the addresses of your wallets where you want to receive the rewards
  3. Introduce yourself in %𝙉𝙚𝙬-𝙃𝙚𝙧𝙚 channel (Wiki Guide)

How to participate in WagMedia?

Joining WagMedia, after introducing you, a director will give you a role that suits your profile with which to start participating in the discord channels. You will be given one of the following 3 roles: Lurker, Finder or Creator


“Click around, grab all the info, try to make new friends…” WagMedia is the place to find all the news and the best content about Dotsama. You can also support the content you like and your favorite creators by voting on their posts.


“copy-paste and screenshots are your weapons” At WagMedia you will be rewarded for sharing news, rumours, relevant Dotsama content. +Extra Rewards if you share the news along with a small summary of it.


If you are a content creator, at WagMedia you will be rewarded for the valuable content you generate about the Dotsama ecosystem: videos, graphics, podcasts, articles, twitter threads like this…

Learn more about WagMedia...

In the following links you can find more information about WagMedia. The first step is to join the discord and don’t be shy!



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