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Elly is the author of the first fully animated generative collection in the history of the Dotsama ecosystem.

Bedside Monsters NFT Collection

Bedside monsters – the first and so far the only fully animated generative collection on the DotSama network. It is dedicated to creatures from our childhood fantasies that live under the bed, in the closet, or lurk at night in a dark corner of the room. 

Bedside Monsters has an achievement system, collect monsters, participate in giveaways and get achievements for which you get gifts!

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marlua kusama nft


Marlua is one of the most recognized artists with her collection: "Marlua's Emotions"

yumi arts nft

Yumi Arts

Yumi arts is the artist behind the RMRK recognized collections: "Kitty Gang"

moon bearer nft


Moon-Bearer is the founder and artist behind the "Ape x Chimpz" project.

sweets of rmrk

Sweets of RMRK

Author of "Sweets of RMRK" (NFT Collection) & co-artist of "420 Kusama 2.0"

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